Building Resilient Communities in the Age of Climate Uncertainty
6:00 PM18:00

Building Resilient Communities in the Age of Climate Uncertainty

In this new climate, humans are going to build and rebuild many structures and whole communities not only due to floods, sea level rise and catastrophic climate-change-driven fires, but also due to population migrations. In the Camp Fire alone, Northern California lost 18,000 buildings.

Each time we build we have the opportunity to be either beneficial to the environment and society or exacerbate the risks and stressors of climate change.

So how can we build in ways that are regenerative, systemic, socially just while cultivating community resilience?

Solutions are being developed in the form of:

    • Carbon sequestering building materials

    • Green infrastructure innovations

    • Agrihoods and food secure settlement design

    • Commons ownership/stewardship structures

    • Innovations in finance and insurance

It is our observation that these solutions are not yet connected and that, if connected, certain synergies and financially-feasible opportunities emerge. This is one of a series of convenings to build this field of beneficial human settlement - building resilient communities while we explore and connect on the generative edge of development innovation.

How can we affect all levels of the industry to not just encompass the “how” or way of building but also how to democratize how properties are acquired and how developments get designed?


The program will start promptly at 6:30pm.

Confirmed Presenters:

This event is for:

  • Program officers/Family Foundations

  • Builders

  • Architects

  • Planners

  • Philanthropists

  • Land Trust/Trust Developers

  • Impact Investors

  • Innovative Farmers

About the presenters:

Massey Burke is a designer/builder who works with natural materials in construction. She advocates for and expands the use of beautiful, natural, carbon-sequestering materials in buildings. Her ecological interests began with wilderness restoration and grew into a decade of hands-on natural construction, and she still thinks of natural building as ecological restoration for humanity. This work in turn has expanded into developing technical information for natural materials: structural research and testing, carbon footprinting, design, and work on building codes for ecological materials.

Letitia Hanke is the Founder & CEO of ARS Roofing and Solar and The LIME Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit which helps create a better quality of life for underserved communities. LIME Foundation recently launched their "NextGen Trades Academy, a 10-week vocational program to teach primarily homeless and underserved youth about the various building trades. A small-town girl from Lake County, California, Letitia entered the roofing industry as a receptionist at a local roofing company, and within eight years, was managing the business. In 2004 she started ARS Roofing, Gutters, and Solar, her very own roofing company, and now employs 25 full-time year-round employees. Letitia is the only female-owned roofing company in the Sonoma, Napa, Marin County area, and has received numerous accolades, the most recent of which was being named the 2017 Entrepreneur of the year by the National 100 Black Women Coalition.

Cassie Cyphers is Clif Bar’s Community and Planet Programs Manager. She joined Clif Bar in 1995 and has built a deep and solid understanding of the Company in her 20 plus years. She moved into her current position in 2010 and continues to apply her institutional knowledge of Clif Bar’s values to the organization through the employee giving and engagement program, CLIF CORPS, philanthropic giving, including financial donations and product donations for employees, sponsorships and natural disasters.

Clif Bar & Company is a family and employee-owned company that crafts nutritious and organic food to feed and inspire adventure and is guided by the Company’s five bottom lines – Sustaining our Brands, our Business, our People, our Community and the Planet.

This event is sponsored by LIFT Economy and ARUP Engineering.

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B Corp Handbook v2: FREE Online Launch Event
10:00 AM10:00

B Corp Handbook v2: FREE Online Launch Event

B Corp Logo Cloud + Cover.jpg

It’s time for a (virtual) international launch!

Join Ryan Honeyman, Partner at LIFT Economy and co-author of The B Corp Handbook: How You Can Use Business as a Force for Good, for a free online global launch event about the new edition of the B Corp book.

At the event, you will learn about:

  • New Developments: Exciting new content for the second edition of The B Corp Handbook

  • Inclusive Economy: How you can use the new focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion to help build a more inclusive economy

  • Improve Your Impact: How you can use the book to improve the social and environmental impact of your company

  • Insights and Advice: Insights from B Corp leaders featured in the book

  • Shaping Your Career: Ryan’s tips on getting a job at a B Corp and aligning your career with the B Corp ethos

  • B Corps in the Classroom: How you can bring the B Corp idea to your school / university

  • And much more.

As an added bonus, several B Corp leaders from the book will be making a surprise appearance at the global event. More details / information to follow in the coming weeks.

Please email with any questions. You can also sign up for the LIFT Economy newsletter to stay up to date about the The B Corp Handbook; increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion at your company; and other advice and resources to help you build the Next Economy.

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Dismantling White Supremacy Unconference
to Jun 15

Dismantling White Supremacy Unconference

It’s time to have a family meeting.

The objective of this event is to provide a space for people of color and white allies--including activists, policy-makers, business leaders, employees, community organizers, or other residents or community members --to have an explicit conversation about dismantling systemic white supremacy (and the many discussions that come up around white supremacy) in a community-led forum.

This event is critically important because we believe that naming, disrupting, and dismantling white supremacy is a necessary precondition to creating an inclusive economy that works for everyone.

This event will be an Unconference.

An Unconference empowers the attendees to drive the conversation. There will be no keynote speakers or pre-set “content tracks.” The people who show up for the Unconference are the ones who decide what topics and sessions they want to organize.

Please note that we will have security for this event. See our conference page for more details about our approach to safety.

Who are the organizers?

The Dismantle Collective (a fiscally sponsored project of Community Ventures, a 501c3 non-profit) is a person of color-led group of Certified B Corps, including:

Members of the Dismantle Collective have experience in running successful social enterprises, all while being deeply involved in activism, grassroots organizing, community engagement, facilitating difficult conversations, and supporting movement work.

We hope to help elevate the conversation around dismantling white supremacy in partnership with socially responsible business leaders and social justice allies.

Overview / FAQ / Contact

For more details, including information on donations, sponsorships, security, event agenda and more, please click here to view our full Overview and FAQ about this event. Folks who would like to apply for scholarships can do so here. If you still have questions, you can contact us at

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Next Economy MBA: Interactive Webinar Q & A
11:00 AM11:00

Next Economy MBA: Interactive Webinar Q & A

Are you a concerned citizen with a bold world-changing idea?  Do you have a friend/family member wanting to align their work or money with their values? 

Join a FREE video webinar with the LIFT Economy team to answer all your questions about our upcoming Cohort #3 of our Next Economy MBA program! So far - nearly 60 people have gone through or are enrolled in the Next Economy MBA program - building the pool of visionaries who are boldly and radically redefining the way our economy works.

Entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs often want knowledge about the fundamentals of business, but the content taught in the vast majority of MBA programs is based on outdated principles that were developed during the industrial revolution and oriented toward the outcome of producing functional mid-level managers of large multinational corporations. MBA programs are also incredibly expensive, costing roughly $100k-$150k for a two-year degree. This ultimately exacerbates the cycle of wealth extraction and forces aspiring entrepreneurs to become reliant on high-salary positions to pay down their debt.

The LIFT team has spent nine years working with more than 150 social enterprises that are building the Next Economy. We have identified patterns that we feel that every entrepreneur should know in order to be prepared for the future of business. 

What is the Next Economy? Cumulatively, the LIFT team has decades of experience bringing innovative ideas from idea-stage into action in the next economy. You'll walk away from this call with clarity about what the next economy is comprised of, along with ideas of the top 1-3 next steps to bring your idea to fruition.

What will I learn? During this call we will answer YOUR questions about the Next Economy MBA and cover a summary the core concepts we will cover in the training.  We will share an example of one of the key organization templates we use in the training and offer that to you free.  

Are you dissatisfied with your existing career or seeking pathways to do more? We'll walk you through the options from career-shifting to working within the belly of the existing corporate structures to affect radical transformation and channel resources towards the next economy.

After attending this FREE webinar, you will:

  1. Have a better understanding of some of the most common mistakes Next Economy Entrepreneurs make, and how to avoid them.

  2. Key ideas to try within your business (or entrepreneurial idea) that will make you more effective, more efficient and more aligned with your impact goals

  3. A sampling of solutions to common problems that LIFT has helped companies implement to solve major challenges and prepare their enterprise for growth

Attend this webinar to learn how you can develop your leadership in creating the next economy - one created to serve and benefit all of life.

LIFT Economy's Next Economy MBA is a nine month online learning course for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to learn key business fundamentals (e.g., vision, culture, strategy, and operations) from a regenerative, Next Economy perspective.

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