To grow the Next Economy, LIFT Economy works with impact-driven organizations, investors, and partners, providing an array of services intended to adaptively support and enhance their beneficial social & environmental impact.  Using the design process framework described below to tailor bespoke support, the services we offer often include:

  • Financing Strategy & Fundraising Support

  • Pro Forma and Operating Projection Development

  • Diversity and Inclusion Training

  • Strategic Meeting Planning, Facilitation and Action Plan Implementation

  • B Corp Certification Support

  • Core Value Proposition and Marketing Strategy

  • Compassionate Communication Training

  • Product / Service Design for Greater Impact

  • Group Mastermind Program - Women Raising the Right Money from the Right Investors**

  • Legal Strategy and Implementation**

  • Entity Structuring and Creative Capital Raising**

  • Business Development Training and Support

  • Long Term Vision Development and Strategic Planning

  • Roles and Responsibility Organization Design

  • Recruiting and Selection Systems Development

  • Meeting Facilitation Training

**  Services provided by Jenny Kassan as DBA LIFT Legal


We’ve refined our business design process into a framework which focuses on four key areas. Here is a brief intro to these four areas and some common solutions we implement:

1. Vision

This is the starting point for any endeavor, what is the purpose of the organization? Common solutions implemented at this level are explicit vision alignment, goal setting, and specific strategic plans (e.g., who do you need to hire? how much capital do you need? where will you get those resources?) to achieve those goals.

Benefits and Results:

  • Clarify, articulate, and pursue your vision for maximum beneficial impact

  • Enhance your social and environmental performance while maintaining sound financial performance

  • Create your in-house accelerator to strengthen your business ecosystem

Selected Case Studies:

At CoLab we believe great results are born from collaborations between value-aligned partners. Our coaching work with LIFT has helped CoLab to both dramatically elevate our bottom line numbers as well as to ignite our passion to serve the world through our technology work. Thank you LIFT!
— Rylan Peery, Founder at CoLab Cooperative

2. Culture

Culture determines the ability of an organization to achieve its vision. Without a cohesive and aspirational culture building a whole, successful company is not possible. Common solutions implemented at this level include defining core values and investing in cultural activities. We also help you craft a specific recruiting and orientation strategy to ensure that you hire and retain the best fit for your organization.

Benefits and Results:

  • Strategic recruiting process to find and select the engaged, talented team you want to have

  • Fully engaged company culture aligned with your impact objectives and values

  • Defined values and cultural investments process to develop the highest impact culture possible

Selected Case Studies:

LIFT has given us many helpful and objective insights into the intangible aspects of our company that we hold dear—culture, values, people, and transparency. LIFT has helped us continue to make Plum a great place to work.
— Neil Grimmer, CEO at Plum Organics

3. Strategy

What is your core value proposition and how do you express it? Strategy is where you design your goods and services, find your differentiation, and position your organization and offerings. Common solutions implemented are helping companies become Certified B Corporations, systems for industry and market analysis, positioning and branding projects, and developing your strategic marketing plan. Also designing systems for measuring and refining marketing tactics and sales processes.

Benefits and Results:

  • Cultivate your reputation as a thought leader by becoming a Certified B Corporation

  • Identify industry and market opportunities

  • Develop messaging to differentiate your brand in a crowded market

  • Attract mission-aligned investors

Selected Case Studies: 

Working with LIFT was a fantastic experience. LIFT helped us achieve B Corp certification in time to celebrate Bi-Rite’s 75th anniversary. We couldn’t have done it without them.
— Sam Mogannam, Owner of Bi-RIte Market

4. Operations

Operations is where the vision is implemented. Common solutions implemented here include an organization structure with clearly defined roles, responsibilities and accountability. Regular meeting/reporting schedule, task management, tracking & reporting systems, and documentation of policy and procedure. Designing your financial systems is also a critical component of managing your operations, including a monthly report packet, current cash flow projection and an operating projection that allows for complex modeling of various future scenarios with a reasonable degree of accuracy.

Benefits and Results:

  • Create or reaffirm a clear organizational structure with documented roles and responsibilities

  • Create faster and more effective responsiveness to operational needs

  • Avoid spending time and energy tracking unnecessary data

  • Increase your confidence in the direction of the company and focus on your long-term goals

  • Reduce stress and anxiety and create the space to resume the activities you enjoy

Selected Case Studies:

LIFT provided valuable and effective help in benchmarking key aspects of our supply chain. We look forward to continuing to work with LIFT in the future.
— Cheryl Pinto, Manager of Values Led Sourcing at Ben & Jerry's


What/How does LIFT charge for its services? We construct a coaching plan with each client depending on their needs and their stage of business. We work on a month to month basis. No hourly charges and no long term contracts.

We invoice our clients at the END of the month – meaning we risk our time and clients only pay us if they get value out of the service. Our invoices indicate an mutually agreed upon “market rate” for our services but with each invoice, clients can adjust the actual payment they provide based on the value they feel they receive.