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Liberating the Heart, Dismantling Oppression: A Retreat with Arinna Weisman, Phoenix Soleil, Lyn Fine & Joshua bee Alafia

September 13 - September 22, 2019

Liberating the Heart: Dismantling Dominant Culture through our practice of Dharma

Our intention in this ten-day retreat is to support increasing our resilience and internal resources so that we may better partner across difference and navigate complex situations in alignment with our values. With mindfulness and lovingkindness practice we will explore how our sense of self is built through dynamics of privileging and disenfranchisement. As a community, we will uncover and explore our social locations of class, gender, race, physical and mental ability, elitism and citizenship, including how we understand the intersectionality of these dynamics and envision building non-harming dharma communities liberated from oppression.

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