What is this?

The Next Economy MBA is a nine month project-based learning course for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to learn key business fundamentals (e.g., vision, culture, strategy, and operations) from a regenerative, Next Economy perspective. The course will be taught online via webinar.

Why are you offering this course?

Entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs often want knowledge about the fundamentals of business, but the content taught in the vast majority of MBA programs is based on outdated principles that were developed during the industrial revolution and oriented toward the outcome of producing functional mid-level managers of large multinational corporations. MBA programs are also incredibly expensive, costing roughly $100k-$150k for a two year degree. This ultimately exacerbates the cycle of wealth extraction and forces aspiring entrepreneurs to become reliant on high-salary positions to pay down their debt.

The LIFT team has spent seven years working with more than 100 social enterprises that are building the Next Economy. We have identified patterns that we feel that every entrepreneur should know in order to be prepared for the future of business.


What’s in it for me?

The benefits of participating in this course include, but are not limited to:

  • Create a Next Economy business design or modify your existing business to be more aligned with creating benefit for all life

  • Learn about tools, tips, and tricks that you can apply to your own business

  • Increased confidence in your understanding of Next Economy business fundamentals

  • Feeling more confident about a career that aligns with your deeper purpose

  • Supportive peer group that will hold each other accountable to achieving your goals and objectives

  • Time saved by getting insights from experts who have worked in this field--without having to find all of the information out on your own

  • Build thought leadership by learning how to publish and speak about the Next Economy

  • Have the opportunity to influence a burgeoning new way of thinking about how to structure and organize a global shift towards an economy that works for all life.


What does the course outline / content look like?

LIFT’s business design process is focused on four key areas. Here is a brief intro to these four areas and some common themes we will discuss during the course:


  • Clarify, articulate, and pursue your vision for maximum beneficial impact

  • Fine-tune your product and/or service design

  • Learn how to enhance your social and environmental performance while maintaining sound financial performance

  • Increase your confidence in the direction of the company and focus on your long-term goals

  • Learn about the mindset shift needed to create a regenerative economy

  • Reading: The B Corp Handbook by Ryan Honeyman, Drawdown by Paul Hawken,



  • Strategic recruiting process to find and select the engaged, talented team you want to have

  • Fully engaged company culture aligned with your objectives and values

  • Defined values and cultural investments process to develop the highest impact culture possible

  • Learn about anti-oppression and moving from a scarcity to an abundance mentality

  • Reading: An Everyone Culture: Becoming a Deliberately Developmental Organization by Robert Keegan, Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg



  • Conduct a gap analysis of the next economy goods and services that are missing/needed in your community

  • Develop a core value proposition and messaging to differentiate your brand

  • Attract mission-aligned investors

  • Cultivate your reputation as a thought leader

  • Reading: Sacred Economics by Charles Eisenstein, Raise Capital On Your Own Terms by Jenny Kassan



  • Create or reaffirm a clear organizational structure with documented roles and responsibilities

  • Create faster and more effective responsiveness to operational needs

  • Reduce stress and anxiety and create the space to resume the activities you enjoy

  • Reading: Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux


Who is teaching the course?

The team at LIFT Economy.


What are the Course dates? What is the format?

  • The course starts in January 2018 - September 2018 (nine months total)
  • The course will be taught online via webinar. Anyone in the world can participate.
  • Online classes will be twice per month for 90 minutes
  • All of the bi-monthly classes will be on Tuesdays from 10am-11:30am Pacific. Here are the exact dates for the course starting in 2018:
    • January 16
    • January 30
    • February 13
    • February 27
    • March 13
    • March 27
    • April 10
    • April 24
    • May 8
    • May 22
    • June 5
    • June 19
    • July 10
    • July 24
    • August 7
    • August 21
    • September 4
    • September 18
  • As mentioned above, all of the aforementioned classes will be on Tuesdays from 10am-11:30am Pacific
  • In addition, there will be small group breakout sessions (e.g., 3-4 person groups) once per month


Who should take the course? How many people will be participating?

The course is designed for entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, students / recent graduates, employees, and folks who want to learn more about Next Economy business principles. The course will be capped at 25 people to keep the discussions focused and to ensure that we are able to serve individual needs (note: see comments directly below for more details).


How are you thinking about inclusion?

One of the biggest opportunities in creating the Next Economy is increasing the amount of diversity, equity, and inclusion from the start. Indeed, how can we create an economy that "works for the benefit of all life" without including people who have faced systemic barriers to meeting their needs?

With this in mind, we are holding 13 of the 25 spots in this course for people of color. People of color are also eligible for a 50% discount on the total price of the course (if needed--POC are encouraged to pay the full price if it is within their means).


Is this an "accredited" mba program?

The program is not accredited. Indeed, part of the reason we created the Next Economy MBA is that no accredited business school in the world would teach about things like regenerative finance, the gift economy, self-managing organizations, multi-stakeholder cooperatives, comprehensive strategies to reverse climate change, non-violent communication, non-extractive investing, racial justice, etc. We had to create a comprehensive program that we would be interested in taking ourselves.


How much does the course cost?

We have two billing options:

  1. $4000 total ($500 discount) if paid upfront 
  2. $4500 if paid in $500 installments over nine months

As noted above, people of color are eligible for a 50% discount on either payment option (e.g., either $2000 for the discounted rate up front or $250 per month over nine months).

Please note that we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee for anyone who takes this course. We will refund your entire fee if:

  • After taking the entire course, from beginning to end, you leave feeling dissatisfied with the course value
  • You meet with us to discuss why you feel you did not receive value and what more appropriate reciprocity would look like

Are you ready to build an economy that works for all life? Join the inaugural Next Economy MBA cohort today!

Please email ryan@lifteconomy.com with any questions or comments.