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Sara Johnstone


Sara is a recovering tech consultant that became disillusioned with the sharing economy and business as usual a few years ago. She was introduced to the “new paradigm” through her work with the startup NuMundo, a global network of impact centers (eco-villages, intentional communities, permaculture farms, social projects and retreat centers). She is currently working with CYCLEffect, a multi-stakeholder hybrid Venture Capital Cooperative Fund. CYCLEffect prioritize investments in companies that focus on restoring the planet’s biological and social systems to a healthy state. Sara is also a member of the GENNA (Global Eco-village Network North America) alliance which believes communities of practice, place, and purpose offer essential solutions to many of the world’s pressing social and ecological crises . Sara is currently honing in on expanding her knowledge in regenerative agriculture, impact investing, sustainable fibers and permaculture. She is committed to being apart of projects that focus on regenerative solutions, specifically with climate change.

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