Maria Nakae


I'm a movement builder, communications strategist, resource mobilizer and funder organizer who has spent my career working in and with social justice movements to advance racial, gender and economic justice. I currently serve as the Senior Engagement Director at Justice Funders, a nonprofit organization that works with foundations to re-imagine and practice a new approach to philanthropy that redistributes wealth, democratizes power and shifts economic control to communities in a way that is truly regenerative for people and the planet. I'm also a member of the Hella Heart Oakland Giving Circle, a drummer with BoomShake Music, and mama of two rambunctious girls.

Ricardo I. Garay


Ricardo’s background as a farmer, researcher and designer have shaped his deep understanding of restorative production practices. Over 10 years experience in mixed crop regenerative organics & carbon drawdown; Ricardo is a Regenerative Textile & Systems Strategist. He holds degrees from UC, Davis; B.S. in Sustainable Agriculture Food Systems as well as an M.A. in Sustainability in Fashion; ESMOD Berlin University.

Prior to relocating to Berlin, he was involved in sustainable growing activities in his native California. His pursuit to understand fashion's global value chain and to learn innovative agricultural techniques lead him to places such as Guatemala, Japan, New Zealand, Spain, & Colombia.

Danylle Kunkel


Danylle Kunkel is an Associate Professor in the Davis College of Business Economics in the Department of Management at Radford University. She has studied at University of Central Florida and VCU. She received her Ph.D. and Post Doc from Virginia Tech focusing on leadership and business curriculum development. Before entering Higher education, Danylle spent 8 years working for Red Bull North America.

She had taught at 3 universities in areas Social Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development at the Undergraduate, MBA, PMBA and Executive Education level. She has also worked in corporate leadership development in industries. Her research interests are centered around social issues and sustainable benefit corporations.

Adrian Roman


Inspired these days by Adrienne Marie Brown, Tarthang Tulku, Frédéric Laloux, Lama Rod Owens, Angel Kyodo Williams, Lift. I am working for a non profit in Berkeley, Mangalam, and my focus is on - how to integrate or use Buddhist practices in a modern world; how to structure an organization in a way that is supportive for personal growth and meaning to the members; how to blur the lines between life and work; how to foster relationships and facilitate groups with emergence in mind. I am a 27 year old hispanic male who graduated with a degree in philosophy and business. I have a partner, Cyn, and twin sister, Anais, who I spend much of my time with. This past weekend I went to see Vulfpeck at the Greek theater and went hiking in Mt. Tam to West Point in to eat pancakes.

Rachel Plattus


Rachel Berliner Plattus is from New Haven, CT and currently lives in Boston, MA. She is Co-Creator of Beautiful Solutions, a storytelling and popular education project supporting people to imagine and create community-controlled solutions to the problems they face. Rachel also works with a national network of women religious and millennials through Nuns and Nones, and with Jewish organizers and spiritual leaders through Taproot. She is a graphic artist, a street medic, and a trainer with PeoplesHub. She likes to explore how to make meaning and support healing on big paper, in the dance studio, in the kitchen, in wild places, and in spaces that bring us into conversation, connection, and collective action with one another.

Maxime Paul

Maxime is an autodidactic polymath and cross-domain problem-solver focused on creating sustainable, equitable, and generative solutions. He possesses a wide range of skills and experiences that include technology development and business design as well as interdependent city planning and community engagement. Currently he is the Head of Mobility and Digital Innovation with MHP Americas and CEO/Co-Founder of a SportsTech startup, CMDSense, his fourth venture. He is currently developing a holistic, systems-driven, generative community development framework for disinvested urban and suburban neighborhoods. Maxime holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Rice University in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Shirah Dedman


Shirah Dedman is a filmmaker, attorney and activist. After dropping out of high school at 15, she became a licensed attorney by the age of 23 yet subsequently found herself un- and under-employed. But through perseverance, she managed to build a career in film that included positions at William Morris Agency, DirecTV, and Paramount Pictures. So after her last layoff, she decided to relentlessly pursue her true passion: creating content reflecting the intersection between economics, race and the environment. Shirah is a 2018-2019 Associate of the Investigative Reporting Program at UC Berkeley and an Associate of the Equal Justice Initiative.

David Jaber


As a Project Drawdown Fellow (, the author of Our Historic Moment (, and an advisor, I advance better decision-making through greenhouse gas (GHG) analysis, zero waste audits, green building investigation, life-cycle analysis and climate action/adaptation planning. I actively work with Native American tribes, where I have long-held a commitment to justice.

Ojan Mobedshahi


Finance Director of the East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative, Ojan is a 2nd generation Iranian American, born and raised in the Bay Area. His past work, from healthy land use to real estate development, informs his mission driven integration of social justice and real estate finance. Ojan lives in a co-op in Oakland and is also a landscape contractor and regenerative permaculture designer. While earning his B.A. in Economics from Pitzer College, Ojan was inducted into the Economic Honors Society and organized a local chapter of the Occupy movement.

Rebekah Papé


Rebekah works as the Director of Community and Outreach at Ecolibrium Farms and as the Executive Director of the Papé Family Foundation. She is also a writer, yoga teacher, and mother. She has an MA from in Whole Systems Design, specializing in Sustainable Food Systems, Permaculture Design, and Sustainable Change. Rebekah is passionate about exploring wellness, community, and social change through our connection to food and participating in social justice efforts that shift patterns of inequality by focusing on food access and affordability. Near and dear to her heart are the rituals of gathering, preparing, and eating food together.

Amelia Ahl


Amelia is honing her expertise in understanding and investing in the human component of supply chains as a good business practice. Her experience includes research and advocacy for protection of women and children refugees at UNHCR, managing development projects in India with women as the central agents of change at Traditional Medicinals Foundation, and for profit supply chain engagement strategy development at Traditional Medicinals.

Matthew Rose-Stark


Matthew Rose-Stark is a first generation regenerative farmer, currently working as a manager at Be Love Farm. He is passionate about addressing issues of justice, equality, deep ecology, through changing the way we relate to food and land. He is currently working to develop a cooperatively owned and managed farm grounded in a new economy and culture that heals, helps, and holds all life.