Reza Shahcheraghi


Reza designs new business strategies and implementation plans for various types of organizations and facilitates the creation of the new mindsets, skills, and environments needed to execute these strategies. He has 15 years of experience in the private and social sectors as an entrepreneur and consultant.

Reza holds an MBA from the Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley and a BS in management from the McIntire School of Commerce, University of Virginia.

Nicholas Salmons


Nicholas is a creative leader, designer, convener and place-maker with twelve years of experience managing high-impact projects, executing top-quality custom builds, and producing tailored cultural events with a focus on community, sustainability, and greening the built environment. Designing and building spaces for community and festivals has led him to join the community at the Mushroom Farm, where he is helping to restore the land and build spaces for communal thriving.

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Adrian Roman


Inspired these days by Adrienne Marie Brown, Tarthang Tulku, Frédéric Laloux, Lama Rod Owens, Angel Kyodo Williams, Lift. I am working for a non profit in Berkeley, Mangalam, and my focus is on - how to integrate or use Buddhist practices in a modern world; how to structure an organization in a way that is supportive for personal growth and meaning to the members; how to blur the lines between life and work; how to foster relationships and facilitate groups with emergence in mind. I am a 27 year old hispanic male who graduated with a degree in philosophy and business. I have a partner, Cyn, and twin sister, Anais, who I spend much of my time with. This past weekend I went to see Vulfpeck at the Greek theater and went hiking in Mt. Tam to West Point in to eat pancakes.

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David Jaber


As a Project Drawdown Fellow (www.drawdown.org), the author of Our Historic Moment (www.ourhistoricmoment.com), and an advisor, I advance better decision-making through greenhouse gas (GHG) analysis, zero waste audits, green building investigation, life-cycle analysis and climate action/adaptation planning. I actively work with Native American tribes, where I have long-held a commitment to justice.

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