Project Overview:

One of the opportunities for rapidly scaling, mission-driven businesses is strengthening their culture as they grow. LIFT worked with Plum Organics to help them benchmark, compare, and improve their cultural practices. LIFT focused on four key areas for the culture project:

  1. Hiring (recruiting process/techniques and selection),
  2. Orientation (values orientation, B Corp literacy, orientation to culture norms),
  3. Performance Evaluations (internal coaching for values alignment, B Corp literacy, using performance evaluation and training to reinforce emergent B Corp culture), and
  4. Cultural Investments (appreciation processes, retreats, communication training, other recognition strategies) 

Client Results:

  • Increased confidence in the efficacy of Plum's recruitment, selection, and retention
  • Clear next steps about creating systems to streamline the onboarding process
  • Better communication about the company's business goals between different departments
“LIFT has given us many helpful and objective insights into the intangible aspects of our company that we hold dear—culture, values, people, and transparency. LIFT’s work will help us continue to make Plum a great place to work.”
— Neil Grimmer, CEO at Plum Organics

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