Project Overview:

Patagonia is one of the highest scoring B Corps in the world. Patagonia scores 152 out of 200 possible points, putting them in the 98th percentile among all B Corps worldwide.

Patagonia, however, is always interested in discovering blind spots. Patagonia engaged the LIFT Economy team to help them identify areas where they could further improve their score on the B Impact Assessment. 

Client Results:

While Patagonia has adopted many informal practices that benefit people and planet, LIFT discovered that they were missing points on the B Impact Assessment because they had not codified some of those practices into formal policies. LIFT helped them create several new documents, including:

  • Environmental / Local Purchasing Policy
  • Supplier Sustainability Survey
  • Professional Development Policy
  • Community Service Policy
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey

These changes should result in a material improvement in Patagonia's B Corp score during their next recertification. Patagonia noted that this was very valuable for them as they look for new ways to improve their social and environmental performance.

The LIFT Economy team has no parallel when it comes to understanding businesses with a strong social and environmental purpose and, in particular, Certified B Corps.

Our friends at LIFT recently provided valuable help to us by identifying several areas where we can improve our score on the B Impact Assessment, our most important tool for evaluating the total health of Patagonia’s business and the impact of our practices on all our stakeholders.
— Vincent Stanley, Director of Philosophy at Patagonia

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