Lauren Magrisso


I live in Stinson Beach, California. I enjoy dancing, spending time in nature, and hanging with family and friends. I live with my partner, Will and our four-legged friend, Obi. Will owns and operates a small scale organic vegetable farm and farmstand in Freestone, CA: Worker Bee Farm. Obi likes to chase birds on the beach and hunt for gophers on the farm.

For my vocational practice, I am founding Generativ Labs, a life-centered design studio. My background is in human-centered design, innovation, permaculture and transition design.  My intention in participating in this class is to 1) build out the offering 2) run prototypes to test messaging and services 3) cultivate community with other people committed to creating a future that works for all life 4) transition more and more of my life force and financial energy to the next economy.