LIFT Economy: “White People: Let’s Talk About White SupremacyIn recent years, LIFT Partner Ryan Honeyman has been consumed by one question: “what is the appropriate role of a white person in advocating for racial justice (especially a white, cisgender, heterosexual, non-disabled, upper middle class male who is a U.S. citizen)?” This is the most viewed article on the entire LIFT website.

Civil Eats: "Can Patagonia's New Food Line Revolutionize the Salmon Industry?" If Patagonia's new product is successful, it could become one of the most verifiably ethical and sustainable salmon options on the market, much in the way Patagonia aimed to change the garment industry nearly two decades ago by switching to organic cotton.

Stanford Social Innovation Review: "Can B Corps Be Even Better?" B Corporations have an opportunity to upgrade their internal management practices to create an even greater, longer-term positive impact on people and planet. This article is based on the findings discussed in the book "Reinventing Organizations" by Frederic Laloux.

Stanford Social Innovation Review: "Has the B Corp Movement Made a Difference?" Apart from all of the praise and promise, has the B Corp movement helped companies create more social, environmental, and financial value?

Fast Company: "Why is Goldman Sachs Advocating for Sustainability?One of the most persuasive arguments for increasing a company’s social and environmental performance is that it will save money, enhance profitability, and generate more business value. In Fast Company, Ryan writes that it is not the Sierra Club, Greenpeace, or the Rainforest Alliance that is making this argument. It is traditional management consulting firms like Goldman Sachs, McKinsey, and Deloitte.

Entrepreneur: "You Don't Need to Be Elon Musk or Sheryl Sandberg to Be a Thought LeaderYou don't need to work in a sexy industry to be a thought leader. Eric Ryan, Co-Founder of Method, took an uninspiring product category -- soap -- and built a movement around stylish, eco-friendly products that make cleaning safe and fun.

Entrepreneur: "Want to Protect Your Social Mission? Become a Benefit CorporationIn an article for Entrepreneur, Ryan discusses a new type of corporate form--the benefit corporation--that best meets the needs of entrepreneurs and investors seeking to use business to solve social and environmental problems while supporting sound financial performance.

Huffington Post: "Why B Corps Have Great Employee EngagementBecoming a Certified B Corporation can help unleash the passion, initiative and imagination of employees by connecting them with the larger meaning behind their work.

Utne Reader: "Why B Corps Matter" This article describes why it's time for capitalism to evolve from a model of short-term profits for a few to a model of shared and enduring prosperity for all.


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