Live Webinar Course: How to Prepare Your Enterprise For Growth

This course finished in June 2017. Stay tuned for future dates.

The LIFT Team is ready to share our best practices from our years of experience working with hundreds of social enterprises. We want to empower you with direct and immediate changes you can employ to prepare yourself and your enterprise for growth and growth financing! Save time and money by not making the most frequent mistakes that we've seen entrepreneurs make over the years.

Limited time offer of $950 plus a free 60 minute coaching call with a member of the LIFT Economy team for the first 10 registrants. After the first 10 registrants, the full price of the course will be $1500 (and private coaching calls will be available for an added fee).  Please note, we value accessibility and trust.  If the cost of the training is an undue financial burden or a barrier to your participation, please contact us directly about the possibility for a payment plan.  Please also consider that, as with all our offerings, you will be invited to adjust the final amount you pay for the training according to the actual value you feel you received.  In this case, your registration fee will be considered a deposit and you will be entitled to a partial or complete refund at the end of the training if you feel you did not receive commensurate value for the fee you paid.  Also, if you felt the value of the training exceeded the price of registration you will be given the opportunity to contribute additional payment if that feels right to you.


This course finished in June, 2017. Stay tuned for future dates.

The course consists of five 90 minute live (also recorded) webinars, an in-depth study manual, templates, and various exercises that will help you prepare your enterprise for growth.

Course Outline

  • Webinar 1: Vision and Regenerative Business Model (Ryan Honeyman & Kevin Bayuk)

    • Identify your Goals/Impact, learn about B Corp, and fine-tune your Product/Service Design

    • Clarify, articulate, and pursue your vision for maximum beneficial impact

    • Enhance your social and environmental performance while maintaining sound financial performance


  • Webinar 2: Operating Model Feasibility (Kevin Bayuk & Erin Axelrod)

    • Know the assumptions, revenues and expenses that actually drive your business

    • Reduce the risk and uncertainty in your growth strategy

    • Have a flexible financial summary that is a prerequisite for raising capital

    • Do “what if” scenarios that enable you to make key decisions for growth with confidence


  • Webinar 3: Building a Team & Culture (Shawn Berry, Phoenix Soleil & Kevin Bayuk)

    • Know who you need to hire them and how to find them, how to interview them and how to hire and retain them

    • Create a healthy company culture that optimizes the performance of your team

    • No more overlap of responsibilities, each task is accounted for

    • Have clear, “drama-free”, effective communication with your team, partners, customers and supplies

    • No more long, terrible, boring, ineffective meetings

    • Create functional organizational rhythms to coordinate your team’s work


  • Webinar 4: Raising Capital (Jenny Kassan & Kevin Bayuk)

    • Know the options and be comfortable with finance-speak

    • Find the right investors for you

    • Design your offering so you stay in control and create alignment with your investors

    • Avoid inadvertently breaking the law


  • Webinar 5: Marketing 101: Sharing Your Sustainability Story with Integrity (Erin Axelrod & Ryan Honeyman)

    • Know your target audience intimately so you can best meet their needs and secure consistent sales

    • Create your most cost-effective marketing strategy yet

    • Clarify your positioning and branding

    • Leverage the Carbon Farming, Regenerative Agriculture, B Corp, Social Impact and Sustainable Enterprise realms to increase your impact & reach



The webinar course I recently completed with LIFT Economy was excellent, and every session inspired me and influenced the way I am thinking about my enterprise.  My team here probably got tired about hearing about the webinars all the time.  ~Jake Ifshin | Executive Director, Everybody Grows | Washington DC

I am happy to share my experience with the online courses our Farm Manager and I took with LIFT just recently.  This was a series of Webinars (5) focused on preparing a small startup business for a successful growth phase.  I am a career CFO and Human Resources professional in a nonprofit industry, recently turning my acquired professional skills toward our family, for-profit agricultural enterprise to build a sustainable life path for our family while feeding our community.  I mention this because I found the Webinars helpful to someone like me, who is conversant with the business end of an enterprise but needs more industry-specific information to integrate into that knowledge base, as well as to our Farm Manager, who possesses a wide range of operational skills but needs a more solid grasp of the basic business skills required in a startup.  

The Webinars were comprehensive, very personal, and quite versatile.  They contained enough old-school basics to satisfy generally accepted accounting principles and best practices in the C-Suite, and simultaneously offered an array of radical, visionary, next-gen tools that we all will be required to master in order to move sideways out of this dying, old economy with the scaffolding of a new one beneath us.  I felt quite inspired by how thoughtfully the Webinars were designed to be both practical and inspirational, personal yet applicable to a wide range of business types and diverse levels of knowledge and experience.  Personalized help was available throughout, and the Webinars built each upon the other. ... LIFT has been a source of support and inspiration far beyond their initial engagement with us.  The website alone is loaded with helpful resources, and their very existence helps us feel that the next generation economy is an achievable reality.  They have helped to make it so in our small corner, and its effects are reverberating through our community. ~Ellen Buechner | Managing Partner, Fortunate Farm, LLC | Caspar, CA


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