Building Resilient Communities

California is teeming with practitioners of ecological construction, holistic land management, regenerative agriculture, and green development.  Working alongside organizations such as the Carbon Leadership Forum, the California Straw Building Association, the Ecological Building Network, Project Drawdown, the No Regrets Initiative, Daily Acts, and the Regenerative Agriculture Foundation, Lift Economy is bringing together practitioners, developers, philanthropists, and investors to transform  carbon-sequestering building from a small, cutting-edge culture to a mainstream reality.  By working across these four sectors we are creating a built environment that is a critical piece of the carbon economy and a powerful tool in our toolkit for reversing climate change, all the while regenerating soil and communities.  Current initiatives include funding and writing the necessary technical documents for carbon-sequestering building materials, working to increase regenerative supply chains for natural building materials, and supporting fire rebuild efforts to adopt carbon sequestering building techniques.

You can learn more by listening to our Next Economy Now Podcast Episode with Massey Burke - “Natural Building, Carbon Sequestration and Resilience in Climate Chaos”