LIFT Economy is committed to helping to build an economy that works for all life. As such, we realize that individual enterprises alone are not enough. In addition, we need to facilitate, accelerate and support efforts to collaboratively build this "Next Economy." Below are just a few examples of sectors we are currently doing "field building" work in. Our work helps citizens, policy-makers, entrepreneurs, investors, innovators and philanthropists imagine and implement an economic system functioning in a way that enhances ecosystems and heals communities. 

Regenerative Agriculture Investor Network (RAIN)

LIFT Economy facilitates quarterly regional gatherings of investors, philanthropists and entrepreneurs committed to moving beyond "sustainable" to focus towards investments in agricultural enterprises that are truly regenerative.

Our partners include:

Restorative Ocean Economies

We support organizations focused on open-source methodologies for accelerating the adoption of replicable, worker-owned solutions for restoring ocean health while meeting food, fertilizer, fuel, ecosystem and habitat needs. We also support LIFT clients that are developing enterprise models and partnering with researchers to identify and implement strategies to grow products for human use, while restoring coastal ecosystems 

Leaders that inspire us in this sector include:

Regenerative Human Needs Technologies

As the urgency of our time becomes more apparent, what if we channeled the abundant maker/designer energy abundantly present in metropolitan hubs into open-source sustainable living artifacts and resilient emergency preparedness systems for meeting basic needs at home and even for application on the front lines of the fossil fuel resistance? Think:

  • Home scale water filtration/treatment
  • No-energy food dehydration
  • Improved cookstove design
  • Home scale passive refrigeration
  • Community-scale fiber systems

Want to sponsor a workshop? Are you a Maker/Industrial Designer/Mechanical Engineer? Email to get invited to an upcoming event and/or to become a sponsor!

Above Photo Credit: Simon Harrod