These gatherings are intended to increase our shared literacy, understanding of deal flow, investment opportunities and how they are relevant for different asset classes and improve the quality of relationships for working together. How do we capture the carbon farming potential of restoring and enhancing ecosystem and soil health while providing food, fiber and other human material needs? Through open networking and light facilitation we will make sure you come away with a clearer understanding of the investment and philanthropic opportunities within regenerative, climate-beneficial agriculture and land use projects. 

Our work convening the Regenerative Agriculture Investor Network (RAIN) is supported by the Conservation Innovation Grants program at USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (Grant #69-3A75-17-301) on Financing Regenerative Agriculture: Innovative Mechanisms to Mobilize Private Capital and Accelerate Deal Flow, led by our partners at the Delta Institute.

Please email if you are a regenerative agriculture investor and would like to be invited to these gatherings. In 2018, we will be expanding our network to include nearly a dozen gatherings all around the country with our partners at the Delta Institute, Compeer Financial, Bickford Organics, Croatan Institute, Dirt Capital Partners, Encourage Capital, Equilibrium Capital, Farmland LP, FoodCrunch, Green America Center for Sustainability Solutions, Meadowlark Organics LLC, Nourishn, Pipeline Foods, Plovgh, Primrose Valley Farm, Rodale Institute, Sustainable Insight Capital Management and Vilicus Capital.

For more information about the current state of investments in regenerative agriculture, please review this report entitled, "Impact Investing in Sustainable Food and Agriculture across Asset Classes: Financing Resilient Value Chains through Total Portfolio Activation" authored by Croatan Institute, and commissioned by Trillium Asset Management in May, 2017