Chris Hewitt: Money Made By Local Trade at Hudson Valley Current [Ep. 170]

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Chris Hewitt, a social entrepreneur who has started a series of businesses, co-founded the Hudson Valley Current in 2013. The economic development nonprofit organization strives to keep money local, create vibrant Main Streets, and share the abundance that's all around us. With a mid-Hudson Valley based local currency—the Current—our communities work together to create strong connections, localized exchanges, and economic resilience. 

Hewitt launched Country Wisdom News in August 2010 as a monthly newspaper that combined age-old and modern thoughts on community, the land, and the home. Known today as Livelihood, the publication speaks to local economic initiatives and reaches over 20,000 readers each month. 

Chris studied Professional & Technical Communication at Rochester Institute of Technology with a focus on printing, publishing, and journalism. He loves the Hudson Valley, his garden and family in Kerhonkson, and his fun, innovative office in Kingston.


Interview Highlights:

  • Chris’s background growing up in Long Island in a family of entrepreneurs that prepared Chris for his journey in business, investing, fatherhood, and community-hood

  • The backstory on the Hudson Valley Current and an overview of its current initiatives that span not only local currency, but other forms of community resilience (eg: food security)

  • An overview of the importance and value of having a working local currency – especially one built on trust

  • An update the on the current stats for the Current: they now have over 380 members who’ve exchanged over 600,000 Currents.

  • Some exciting research in collaboration with a Bard College professor that maps the impact of the Current on the local Hudson Valley economy

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