Scott Moore y Medina: Story-Informed Design at Indigenous-Owned Architectural B Corp [Ep. 164]

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Scott Moore y Medina, AIA NCARB AICAE PID, is an architect, community builder and co-founder of Blue Star Integrative Studio, an Indigenous American creative business enterprise headquartered in Tulsa, OK with satellite offices in California and South Dakota. Blue Star Integrative Studio is dedicated to quality design, environmental excellence, and smart community building. In his work, Scott creates place-based, common sense solutions centered around community involvement and local empowerment for clients and communities facing unique challenges. He has coordinated several sustainable planning projects and designed healthy, energy efficient projects in North America. He is actively bringing efficient, affordable, replicable, and culturally relevant designs to life, while leading game-changing projects that improve lives and support resilient economies.


Interview Highlights:

  • How being a multicultural person lends strengths in bridging cultural divides

  • Scott shares his experience being mentored by Bob Berkabile at BNIM, 1 of 15 to study under the architect Buckminster Fuller

  • Deep dive into the details of a highly innovative project in partnership with Thunder Valley CDC on Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota

  • The fundamental importance of rooting into story, history, identity

  • Power in investigating your identity, acknowledging trauma, and moving on by being proactive

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