Martin Kirk: Transforming Our Values & Behavior By Exposing Unquestioned Assumptions [Ep. 130]

If you only have two minutes, click here for a highlight from the interview.

Martin Kirk is Co-founder and Director of Strategy for /The Rules, a global collective of writers, thinkers, coders, farmers, artists and activists of all types dedicated to challenging the root causes of global poverty and inequality. Prior to /The Rules, Martin was the Head of Campaigns at Oxfam UK, and Head of Global Advocacy for Save the Children. He has written extensively on issues of poverty, inequality and climate change, including co-authoring Finding Frames: New Ways to Engage the UK Public in Global Poverty to help bring insights from psychology, neuroscience, systems theory and other academic disciplines to bear on issues of public understanding of complex global challenges. Follow him on Twitter: @martinkirk_ny.

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Some highlights from Kevin Bayuk’s conversation with Martin Kirk include:

  • How we might be surprised about our own beliefs about poverty

  • How we can get underneath assumptions that form belief systems to transform values

  • How asking key questions in a context of psychological safety aids in creating the scaffolding for transforming belief

  • How the U.N Sustainable Development Goals are constructed from the false premise of boundless economic growth

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