Donna Morton: A Chance to Change Finance for Good [Ep. 131]

If you only have two minutes, click here for a highlight from the interview.

Donna Morton is CEO and co-founder of Change Finance, which is working to create 100% clean ETFs for sustainable investments. Donna had decades of experience in sustainability, economics, social innovation, clean energy, and ethical wealth management. She was the CEO of a clean energy company and built a think tank which helped pass the first carbon tax in North America. She is also an Ashoka, Ogunte, and Unreasonable Fellow, and a lifelong serial social entrepreneur with international experience ranging from sustainability and economic policy to social justice and human rights issues.

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Some highlights from Andrew Baskin’s conversation with Donna Morton include: 

  • The four phases of Donna’s career from the power of saying no as an activist in resistance movements to the the power of yes as an activist in the house of finance.

  • The backstory of Change Finance and the innovation of financial products stemming from women & marginalized groups

  • What ETF’s are and how financial activists can leverage them to take back our economy with love, respect, and dignity while boycotting the economy that is killing people and planet

  • How Change Finance has made accessible tools for deep impact investing for climate solutions in public markets for the price of a pizza, while also partnering with social justice community partners to co-design domestic-focused bond products and a globally-focused fund to benefit indigenous peoples

  • Donna’s unapologetic embrace of rendering love and care and empathy in business and finance at a system-wide level


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