Regan Pritzker: Teaching, Learning, & Tipping the Scale Toward A Just Transition [Ep. 97]

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Regan Pritzker is an elementary school teacher and mother of three, whose long sought-after quest for work and family balance led her to the unlikely profession of being a long-term substitute teacher at a San Francisco independent school. Mostly filling in for teachers on maternity leave, she is referred to affectionately as their resident “teaching doula." When not teaching, she is active as a school volunteer. She holds a master’s degree in Developmental Education, a Spanish bilingual teaching credential from University of California at Berkeley, and a bachelor’s degree in Art History from Stanford University. She sits on the boards of the Libra Foundation, a family foundation dedicated to enhancing the human rights movement locally and globally, and co-chairs the Bay Area Advisory Board of New Leaders, working to improve public education through transforming leadership.


Some highlights from Ryan’s interview with Regan include:

  • Regan’s journey in aligning her family’s impact investing portfolio with their family values and Libra Foundation’s stated mission

  • Challenging the assumptions & structures of our financial system and traditional investing that have created the problems we’re working to solve

  • Value systems that prioritize giving that’s motivated, not for personal recognition, but selflessly and discretely elevating the benefit of others

  • The Working World’s work building a financial cooperative toward regenerating localized self-determination & community-controlled ownership & power through transformative investment

  • Morgan Simon’s leadership in impact investing through Transform Finance, Candide Group, and her new book: Real Impact: The New Economics of Social Change

  • Centering women & people of color as a locus for transformative systems change through authentic relationship building & learning from Movement Generation’s work toward a just transition








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