Gregory Landua: This Is Your Brain on “Regeneration” [Ep. 78]

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Gregory Landua, co-author of the pioneering book, Regenerative Enterprise, is the co-founder and CEO of Terra Genesis International.  Terra Genesis International (TGI) is a dynamic global team of Permaculture and Regenerative Agriculture and Business practitioners and leaders working to support leading companies to transform their negative impact into regenerative effects.

Gregory has studied marine and terrestrial ecology and evolutionary biology in the Galapagos Islands, translated for Amazonian rainforest guides, fought wildfires in the wilderness of Alaska, lived in established ecovillages, founded a successful work-live cooperative, and studied the nuances of ecology and ethics. Gregory has B.S. in Environmental Science and Ethics from Oregon State University, and a M.Sc in Regenerative Entrepreneurship and Design from Gaia University.

Gregory embraces the practical aspects of regenerative ecological design by being a tropical permaculture farm owner and manager, member of local and multi-local intentional communities and seasoned permaculture designer.  

A devotee of cacao and all things chocolate, Gregory co-founded Nova Monda Cacao and Chocolate, an artisan chocolate maker with a focus on working with farmers to provide artisanal roasting at source. As he travels the world, as he walks through forests and cacao farms connecting with farmers and learning their traditions and ancient ways, he remains deeply mindful of his belief that cacao is a sacred plant that has always been a bridge between the wild and humans as a currency and ceremonial beverage.


Some highlights from Andrew’s interview with Gregory include:

  • What regeneration means

  • How academic disciplines of Environmental Science to Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems have been dominated by explorations of human-induced problems (ie: climate change, environmental justice, pollution) instead of a deep scientific inquiry into regenerative solutions.

  • A deep dive into principles behind regenerative business model design from the paradigm of a living systems framework

  • An inquiry into discovering one’s own essence or the essence of an enterprise

  • The difference between a goal and a direction

  • Cultivating deeply mutually beneficial relationships where we’re enabled to achieve something bigger than any single enterprise could and designing enterprise ecosystems by partnering with others in service to a shared aim of actualizing a mutually desired system

  • Gregory’s invitation to listeners to share ideas on how LIFT Economy, TGI, and our clients can work together to realize greater systems change







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Andrew Baskin, a Junior Partner & Executive Producer at LIFT Economy, specializing in regenerative ag-related enterprise and impact investing that advances the health of our soil, food-system, and climate.  LIFT Economy is an impact consulting firm whose mission is to create, model, and share a locally self-reliant economy that works for the benefit of all life. You can email Andrew at