Mark Eckhardt: Redefining Capitalism with Something in COMMON [Ep. 72]

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Mark Eckhardt is CEO at COMMON – proud members of the movement that is redefining business.  COMMON is a creative accelerator and community that catalyzes and promotes products and ideas that take care of the planet and all the creatures on it.  Prior to joining Alex Bogusky, Rob Schuham and John Bielenberg at COMMON, Mark was a principal at UFUSE Visionary Strategy Management, a global consulting firm devoted to unleashing creativity and helping creative entrepreneurs produce outstanding results through innovative business strategies, organizational design and alignment of partnerships.

From 2004 to 2007, Mark served as part of the founding management team and Vice President Client Services for Globefish Media BV, where he oversaw the implementation of mobile and digital content management, distribution and billing, and reporting technologies for clients in the entertainment sector in North America. This also included high level business development with major record labels, recording artists, film studios and media companies.

Prior to Globefish, Mark spent fifteen years as a producer, composer and performer who oversaw and contributed to projects for Fox Studios, MGM, Disney Animation, PBS, Mitsubishi, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Activision, Life/FX, Kids Save, Boston Market Restaurants, Power Athletic Footwear and various record labels. He has also worked with numerous recording artists such as Whitney Houston, Bonnie Raitt and Ben Harper.

Mark is a U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce TOYA Award recipient and received this honor in recognition of community service performed through the foundation I founded, be Music Foundation. Former recipients include John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, Al Gore, Robert Kennedy, Nelson Rockefeller and Leonard Bernstein.

Mark loves tractors, secretly idolizes farmers, and is a former Zen Buddhist priest.

Some highlights from my interview with Mark include:

  • How success comes down to people’s ability to work together effectively

  • A deep dive into what Common is

  • Unpacking what it means to redefine capitalism and how this links with regenerative practices and regenerative economies

  • John Fullerton’s compelling perspectives on spirituality’s role in business

  • Reflections from the Regenerative Futures Summit and the COMMON UNSUMMIT

  • That business is just a vehicle to some larger means or end and for Mark that means creating experiences that reminds people to love the person to the left and to the right of them

  • How you have to “tell one on yourself” if you want to be a leader

  • The importance of having vision and building momentum toward it

  • How the notion of “social business” is a farce because there’s no way for a business to not have a social impact

  • How the rich diversity of Mark’s family impacted his direction in life and business








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