Lynn Johnson: Spotlighting Girls For Social Change [Ep. 58]

Lynn Johnson, social entrepreneur and girl advocate, is dedicated to igniting a compassion revolution by putting girls center stage. Lynn is the Co-Founder and CEO of Spotlight:Girls, the producer of Go Girls! Camp.  Based in Oakland, CA, Spotlight:Girls celebrates and activates girls and women through multi-media learning experiences, products, and events.

Spotlight:Girls is the first investee for LIFT Economy’s very Force for Good Fund. The Force For Good Fund is the world’s first “Best for the World” B Corp Accelerator Fund dedicated to investing in women and people of color owned enterprises!

In this interview we discuss:

  • The power of “Dad”vocates - the community support network of fathers and how the dads are often some of the biggest champions of this work

  • The importance of compassion-forward leadership (especially from men) and actions and leadership styles we all need to take to create space for female voices to shine

  • The free resources from Spotlight Girls that listeners can use to empower the young women in their life to shine their voices, including a webinar about Raising Black Girls, A Free media guide called #GirlsMakeMedia highlighting how girls can be creative and safe while expressing their voices online, and an upcoming webinar for parents who are curious about sending their girls to GoGirls camps!

Lynn also shares the 5 core traits of a “Go Girl!” (the affectionately-bestowed moniker for the girls and women of the Spotlight:Girls community) describing how Go Girls!...

#1 Say “yes”!  - and how even saying “no” sometimes is a way of saying yes

#2 Give and Take - and how Lynn’s work is rooted in neuroscience research from the Greater Good Science Center and how powerful it is to incorporate altruism, reciprocity by giving and taking in drama, theater and in our daily lives.

#3 Make mistakes - and acknowledge and learn from their mistakes through fun games like “The Tower of Oops”

#4 Feel our Feelings - learn self-awareness and compassionate non-judgement about the feelings we all feel

#5 Take center stage - incorporate boldness, bravery, and creativity to grow their internal resilience, strength and the power of their voice

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