Carol Sanford - Evolving the Mindset of Business Leaders for the Regenerative Paradigm [Ep. 54]

“My work goes into helping people understand what it means to help people evolve capacity in the way that life works....”  - Carol Sanford


In this episode of Next Economy Now, Kevin Bayuk, a Partner at LIFT Economy, interviews Carol Sanford.  Carol is a much celebrated author and speaker sharing examples that inspire and instruct businesses to re-imagine their way of working and change industries, social systems, cultural beliefs and governing practices.  Her highly-praised books, The Responsible Business and her latest The Responsible Entrepreneur, are required reading at leading business schools including Harvard, Stanford, Haas Berkeley and MIT. Carol has worked with and works with all functions and levels of businesses: from C-suite executives of Finance, Business Development and Sales, Marketing, IT, R&D, to operations leadership.  


In this interview Carol shares about some of the current focus of her work on a core education and development process for leaders in business that fundamentally informs the actions that they can take from a Regenerative Perspective.  Carol is extremely erudite in sharing her observations and precise in her diction.  Her decades of work and writing have revealed a significant gap in mindset.  Using mnemonics that reminded me of  the style of  adages of ancient wisdom traditions from around the world, Carol walks us  through the way she approaches educating the mind to transform the way one sees life and the the way to evolve personal and organizational capacity to discover and become a greater expression of one’s essence in a  way that contributes to one’s role, nested in a living system.


One key take-away from this podcast is the importance of acknowledging that simply having lists of “best practices” or checklists of actions is not adequate to actually move us to a regenerative paradigm.  Changing mindset first is critical to enable us to have the greatest leveraged or “nodal” impact.


The interview also touches on the distinction Carol makes between empathy and caring, how Carol shares her work in the world with curated groups, events, media and with individual clients (ranging from Shell to Google Innovation Labs - check out  Carol shares some of her personal story that brought her to expressing her essence in the world and some fun foreshadowing about her new forthcoming book.


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Kevin Bayuk works at the intersection of ecology and economy where permaculture design meets next economy organizations intent on meeting human needs while enhancing the conditions conducive to all life. He is a co-founder and  partner with LIFT Economy, the Senior Financial Fellow at Project Drawdown and a founding partner of the Urban Permaculture Institute.  LIFT Economy is an impact consulting firm whose mission is to create, model, and share a locally self-reliant economy that works for the benefit of all life. You can follow Kevin on Twitter @kevinbayuk or email him