Neil Grimmer: It's Just Business... And Just as Personal as Your Dietary Habit [Ep. 93]

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Neil Grimmer co-founded Plum Organics, which turned the baby food industry on its head by replacing flavorless goop in jars with great-tasting, organic meals in pouches. Of course, in nurturing Plum, Neil experienced what a lot of new parents go through: His own well-being took a hit.


Neil still thought of himself as a skinny punk rocker turned triathlete. But when he looked in the mirror, he saw a middle-aged white dude with a dad bod that was threatening not just his self-esteem, but his longevity. After DNA and blood tests, he discovered that the best way back to a healthier, energized version of himself started with understanding his body's fundamental needs—and eating the types of foods and nutrients that his body asked for.

Twenty-five pounds lighter, and feeling better than ever, Neil founded Habit to change the world through food, once again – this time for grown-ups. He had made it easier for the youngest generation to feed their bodies what they needed, and now he would do the same for their parents and grandparents. He scoured the earth for the best science, wellness, design, tech and culinary partners he could find, to make his dream of personalized wellness through nutrition a reality. And so, Habit was born.


Some highlights from Ryan’s interview with Neil include:

  • Neil’s journey from being a punk rock cultural critic to being a punk rock cultural critic while also actually solving people’s problems through social enterprise

  • Neil's insight while working at IDEO that "It's not enough just to create a heathy product.  It's got to come from a healthy company."

  • How Neil’s success in business grew out of making business personal through delivering value rooted in purpose and supporting a “B.Y.O.S.” company culture

  • How Habit is transcending the one size fits all approaches for our dietary needs toward a completely individualized approach based on your own body’s data

  • How Neil pulled off one of the fastest conversions from a B Corp to formally incorporating as one of the founding Benefit Corporations in Delaware almost immediately after the new legislation had passed







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Ryan Honeyman is a Partner at LIFT Economy and author of The B Corp Handbook: How to Use Business as a Force for Good (Berrett-Koehler Publishers). LIFT Economy is an impact consulting firm whose mission is to create, model, and share a locally self-reliant economy that works for the benefit of all life. You can follow Ryan on Twitter @honeymanconsult or email him