Rick Alexander: Benefit Corporations & Pursuing Profit with Purpose [Ep. 84]

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Rick Alexander has practiced law for 26 years at Morris, Nichols, Arsht & Tunnell LLP, including four years as managing partner. He remains counsel to the firm. During that time, he was selected as one of the ten most highly regarded corporate governance lawyers worldwide, as Delaware Mergers & Acquisitions Lawyer of the Year, as Delaware Corporate Law Lawyer of the Year, and as one of the 500 leading lawyers in the United States.

In 2015, Rick became the Head of Legal Policy at B Lab. In that position, Rick works with lawyers, companies, investors, legislators and regulators around the world, seeking to create sustainable corporate governance structures. Rick prepared the initial drafts of both the Delaware public benefit corporation legislation and the ABA Benefit Corporation White Paper, and serves as Special Consultant to the ABA’s Corporate Laws Committee. He chairs the Funding Implementation Committee of the Delaware Access to Justice Commission, co-chairs the Content Committee of the American College of Governance Counsel, and is a member of the Commonwealth Climate and Law Initiative Advisory Board. He also serves as a board member of the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund and the Clerky Legal Concepts for Founders Editorial Board.

Rick has written three books, The Public Benefit Corporation Guidebook and The Delaware Corporation, and his third book, Benefit Corporation Law and Governance: Pursuing Profit with Purpose, published by Berrett-Koehler Publishers. He has published articles in Harvard Business Law Review, Journal of Applied Corporate Finance, Business Lawyer, Business Law Today, Delaware Journal of Corporate Law, Review of Securities and Commodities Regulation, Law360, Insights, and Agenda.

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Some highlights from Andrew’s interview with Rick include:

  • The history, rationale, and legal context of the Benefit Corporation

  • The benefit of Benefit Corporations for entrepreneurs, investors, and society

  • An explanation of why there are so many more Benefit Corporations relative to the number of Certified B Corps

  • How the Benefit Corporation entity is a great choice for an enterprise of any size

  • What’s Next: Scaling the impact of Benefit Corporations through publicly traded markets

  • What’s Now: Rick’s new book: Benefit Corporation Law and Governance: Pursuing Profit with Purpose









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