The following is a list of resources that pertain to the "Good for Workers" section in The B Corp HandbookEven if you haven't read the book, you can still use these resources to help you complete the B Impact Assessment and/or learn more about the B Corp movement.

NOTE: I used to link directly to the following resources, but the links would often end up broken after a few months. The best way to find a resource below is to copy the full name of the resource and paste it into Google. This should give you a direct link to the current file.

Compensation, Benefits, and Wages

  • Green America: How to add a Socially and Environmentally Responsible Investment Options to an Employer’s Retirement Plan
  • Nolo Press: Outplacement Programs for Laid Off Workers
  • Nolo Press: Should You Offer Severance Pay?

Worker Ownership

  • National Center for Employee Ownership: An Introduction to the World of Employee Ownership
  • Inc. Magazine: Employee Ownership 101
  • The Guardian: How to Implement Employee Ownership

Work Environment

  • US Small Business Administration: Optional Employee Benefits
  • Entrepreneur: The Basics of Employee Benefits
  • B Resource Guide: Creating an Employee Wellness Program
  • Company Case Study: Employee Wellness: iContact
  • B Resource Guide: Creating an Employee Handbook
  • Inc. Magazine: Tools for Creating an Employee Handbook
  • B Resource Guide: Creating a Code of Ethics
  • FindLaw: Sample Anti-Discrimination and Harassment Policy
  • B Resource Guide: Employee Engagement and Metrics
  • Inc Magazine: Sample Employee Satisfaction Survey
  • Inc Magazine: Sample Employee Review Questionnaire
  • Harvard Business Review: Etsy's Hackathon for Good
  • US Department of Labor: Workplace Flexibility Toolkit
  • When Work Works: Workplace Flexibility: A Guide for Companies
  • B Resource Guide: Worker Health & Safety
  • Inc. Magazine: 9 Avoidable Workplace Health and Safety Hazards

Free B Corp Certification Templates

  • Here is a free collection of 30+ policies, procedures, and templates that you can use to earn points on the B Impact Assessment.

Other Resources from The B Corp Handbook: