The following is a list of resources that pertain to the "Good for the Long Term" section in The B Corp Handbook. Even if you haven't read the book, you can still use these resources to help you complete the B Impact Assessment and/or learn more about the B Corp movement.

Mission and Engagement

  • Inc. Magazine: How to Institute an Employee Review Process
  • Inc. Magazine: Sample Employee Performance Review Form
  • B Resource Guide: Creating and Improving Your Audit Committee
  • B Resource Guide: Implementing Financial Controls
  • Inc. Magazine: How to Build a Board of Directors


  • The Redwoods Group: Social Audit
  • Give Something Back Office Supplies: Annual Giving Report
  • Ben & Jerry’s: Social and Environmental Report
  • Greyston Bakery: Annual Benefit Report

Free B Corp Certification Templates

  • Here is a free collection of 30+ policies, procedures, and templates that you can use to earn points on the B Impact Assessment.

Other Resources from The B Corp Handbook: