The following is a list of resources that pertain to the "Good for the Environment" section in The B Corp Handbook. Even if you haven't read the book, you can still use these resources to help you complete the B Impact Assessment and/or learn more about the B Corp movement.

NOTE: I used to link directly to the following resources, but the links would often end up broken after a few months. The best way to find a resource below is to copy the full name of the resource and paste it into Google. This should give you a direct link to the current file.

Land, Office, and Plant

  • B Resource Guide: Conducting Environmental Audits
  • Energy Star: Energy Strategies for Buildings & Plants
  • EPA: Quick Tips to Make Your Small Business Efficient
  • EPA: WaterSense Program for Commercial Facilities
  • EPA: Renewable Energy Certificates
  • EPA: Guide to Purchasing Green Power
  • CarbonFund: Responsible Purchasing Guide for Carbon Offsets
  • B Resource Guide: Best Practices to Manage Product Toxicity
  • Environmental Protection Agency: A Guide to Indoor Air Quality
  • B Resource Guide: Monitoring & Recording Hazardous & Nonhazardous Waste

Energy, Water, and Materials

  • B Resource Guide: Conducing a Life Cycle Assessment
  • US Environmental Protection Agency: LCA Resources

Emissions and Waste

  • B Resource Guide: Calculating Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Renewable Choice Energy: Business Carbon Footprint Calculator
  • Greenhouse Gas Protocol: Calculation Tools
  • EPA SmartWay: Efficient Shipping
  • B Resource Guide: Reducing Material Usage

Transportation, Distribution, and Suppliers

  • EPA: Managing Supply Chain GHG Emissions
  • Carbon Disclosure Project: CDP Supply Chain Program

Free B Corp Certification Templates

  • Here is a free collection of 30+ policies, procedures, and templates that you can use to earn points on the B Impact Assessment.

Other Resources from The B Corp Handbook: