The following is a list of resources that pertain to the "Good for the Community" section in The B Corp Handbook. Even if you haven't read the book, you can still use these resources to help you complete the B Impact Assessment and/or learn more about the B Corp movement.

NOTE: I used to link directly to the following resources, but the links would often end up broken after a few months. The best way to find a resource below is to copy the full name of the resource and paste it into Google. This should give you a direct link to the current file

Job Creation

  • B Resource Guide: Worker Training and Education


  •  Forbes Insights: Fostering Innovation Through a Diverse Workforce
  • Center for Talent Innovation: Innovation, Diversity, & Market Growth

Civic Engagement and Giving

  • B Resource Guide: Community Service Programs
  • Inc. Magazine: How to Start a Volunteer Program
  • US Better Business Bureau: Reviews of Charities and Donors
  • Charities Aid Foundation: Engaging Employees with Charity Partnerships

Local Involvement

  • B Resource Guide: How to Write and Implement a Local Purchasing Policy
  • Green America: 10 Steps to Break Up with Your Mega Bank

Suppliers, Distributors, and Product

  • B Resource Guide: Conducting a Supplier Survey

Free B Corp Certification Templates

  •  Here is a free collection of 30+ policies, procedures, and templates that you can use to earn points on the B Impact Assessment.

Other Resources from The B Corp Handbook: