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Who Will Own the Land? Recommoning Farmland Via an Agrarian Trust

What problems are we attempting to solve?

- Accessing land is probably one of the most pernicious challenges faced by new farmers

- Unaffordable land tenure is also one of the barriers to adoption of regenerative farming practices

- Inequities in farmland ownership provide one of the most glaring examples of the legacy of institutional racism (today, in the United States, approximately 98% of farmland is owned by white people).

In the next 17 years, according to the Agrarian Trust, 400 Million acres of farmland will change hands -- but unless we intervene - it won’t go into the hands of young, diverse farmers nor stay in agricultural use. Due to unrestrained development, unregulated speculative real estate markets, international investment, and a distorted subsidy system, the land that is turning over is too expensive for new and old farmers to acquire.

Given these economic conditions, it will take a strong movement to reclaim and re-steward these lands. The Agrarian Trust offers one solution. In this webinar, we’ll explore creative ways to solve the land access and affordability problem and ultimately put land into commons ownership and regenerative stewardship.


- Ian McSweeney, Director, Agrarian Trust

- Erin Axelrod & Kevin Bayuk, Conveners of the Regenerative Agriculture Investors Network (RAIN)