Carbon Farming For Your Business

Part 1: Carbon Farming Strategies for Mission-Driven Companies: Tuesday, April 12th 12pm-1:30pm (online)

Learn why carbon farming is relevant to your business. You'll learn the carbon cycle, the various kinds of carbon farming & what yields or products can come from carbon farming practices. We'll discuss the potential role for business & enterprise & perhaps most importantly, what is actually happening on the ground today.

With that understanding, you can begin to envision what role your company might play, be it offsetting your emissions by investing in bio-sequestration projects, or re-examining your supply chain and ways you can purchase from climate-friendly producers.

The first 90-minute webinar will feature the following leaders & projects:

  • John Roulac, CEO, Nutiva - Nutiva's Role to Play in The Carbon Farming Solution.

  • Rebecca Burgess, Founder, Fibershed - Inspiring the largest textile company in the world to invest in Carbon Farming practices for Climate-Beneficial goods

  • Kevin Bayuk, Senior Financial Analyst, Project Drawdown - How Carbon Literacy is Transforming Next Economy Companies

Part 2: Creating Your Company's Carbon Farming Strategy: Tuesday, April 26th 12pm-1:30pm (online)

Next, you'll activate your intentions to become more Climate-Beneficial. Learn the difference between a Climate Neutral Certified and Climate-Beneficial Company. Understand the importance of metrics and tracking. Create a plan identifying next steps for your business & carbon farming. Next steps could include partnering with other companies to explore supply chain investments or measuring your baseline emissions. Whatever it may be, you'll walk away with clear next actions towards your contribution to a healthier climate.

  • Nikki Silvestri, CEO of Silvestri Strategies - Caring for land, caring for people through Carbon Farming

  • Gowan Batiste, Sustainability Manager at North Coast Brewing Company - Fueled by Compost: A Vision for a Climate-Beneficial Craft Brewery

  • Ryan Zinn, Organic & Fair Trade Coordinator at Dr. Bronners - Stories from the Field: Carbon Farming & Climate Resilience in one Company's Supply Chain 

  • Erin Axelrod, Partner, LIFT Economy - Creating Your Climate-Beneficial Action Plan

"Fantastic tour of Carbon Farming projects north of San Francisco. Thank you Erin Axelrod for organizing. This is such a powerful solution to reverse climate change and redefine agriculture practices, we are 100% on board to support the development of these efforts going forward. This type of project and the amazing and visionary people behind it give me HOPE. and that's a lot these days.... Onwards and Upwards!"
 - Mathieu Senard, Founder & CEO Alter Eco, attendee at Spring, 2015 Carbon Farming Tour