Women Raising the Right Money from the Right Investors (Ongoing)


Women Raising the Right Money from the Right Investors is a 6-month online group program designed to leap frog your capital raising efforts so you can get the resources you need to run and grow your business on your own terms. This is an ongoing program--you can join at any time.


Jenny Kassan, attorney and capital raising coach, has helped her mission-driven clients in diverse industries and geographies to raise several hundred thousand to multiple millions using creative and less well-known tools and strategies that allow them to stay true to their goals and mission. LIFT Economy coaches provide a Get Ready to Raise Kickstart Program.


“Jenny is deeply knowledgeable about a topic most of us are not! Jenny walks you through the steps necessary for finding investors so that when you approach an investor, you feel that you’re on solid ground.” - Ann Kramer, Good4U, Inc.

“Jenny brings a wealth of experience and a fantastic, healthy perspective to fundraising that turns it from a chore into empowerment!” - Colleen Kavanaugh, Zego Snacks

“Jenny gave me the tools I needed to offer an investment opportunity to supportive investors.  My team and I are well on our way to achieving our goal of raising $500,000.  We’re offering equity but we are not giving up any control.  We’ve had a remarkable response and we couldn’t have done it without Jenny’s teaching and support.” - Kristen Barker, Our Harvest

“Jenny’s program has allowed me to grow personally and to get really clear about what we want to do. I’m much stronger in communicating who we are. That is just as valuable if not more than having the dollars in our bank account.” - Lynn Johnson, Go Girls! Camp