Invest in #BCorps Now: Only 48 Hours Left to Double Your Impact

LIFT Economy recently launched the Force for Good Accelerator / Fund.

For those of you who don't know, this will be the first crowdfunded accelerator for women- and people of color-owned, climate change solving, "Best for the World" B Corps (e.g., those B Corps that score in the top 10% worldwide).

Here are 5 exciting updates from the last week:

1. ~$145k Raised in Total. We have raised $145k in one month (and $40k just this last week). That is a phenomenal result. Help us keep the momentum going!

2. The #BCorp Champions Retreat is this Week. The theme of this year’s retreat is “Towards an Inclusive Economy.” Are you interested in helping build a more inclusive economy? Consider investing in this fund :)

3. Only $37k in Matching Funds Left. If you (or someone you know) was on the fence about investing, now is the time! Only $37k of our original $100k in matching funds are available before they expire this Friday, October 21. Invest now to get the double the impact.

4. Andrea Walker is Our 50th Investor. If you don’t know Andrea Walker from Beneficial State Bank, you are missing out. She is an amazing leader in the B Corp movement (Indeed, the banner image on our WeFunder page is the back of her head). Thanks to Andrea for being lucky number 50!

5. $65k Raised for the Loan Loss Reserve. Thanks to Kat Taylor (Beneficial State Bank), Amy Levine (Cabot Creamery), Michael Pirron (Impact Makers), and John Replogle (Seventh Generation), we have raised $65k for our loan loss reserve. This money will be used to backstop any losses to investors if our fund does not do as well as anticipated. We hope to eventually have ~$250k in loan loss reserve for a $1M fund.

Will you share the Force for Good Fund via social media and with your friends and colleagues? Here are two sample tweets you could use:

  • Check out the Force for Good Fund, the first accelerator for #BCorp: #socent #impinv #crowdfunding
  • Want to invest in #BCorps? Check out the Force for Good Accelerator / Fund: #socent #impinv #crowdfunding #BCorp

Thank you for your help. Check out to learn more about our project. Please reach out to with any questions or comments.